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With many businesses used to being able to pitch ideas, and sales in-person, the sudden impossibility to do that, has frustrated many but we have to plough on and make the best of these uncertain times. Whilst the world may have come to frustrating halt, our businesses and the economy has not.
Unlike the traditional ‘in-person’ sales, we no longer enjoy the chance to observe the customer’s body language and produce a working demo to help win them over, however, we do have several other advantages that can be used.

1. Amazing sales presentations: With the entire digital world at your fingertips, you can include the usage of gifs, colourful texts, images and even the quick video to help you sell your produce to the potential client better. With less emphasis on text and description, and more media to appeal and engage their visual and auditory senses, a great catchy presentation is the first step in helping to sell your product better.

2. A good relationship: We understand that this particular aspect of sales has become extremely difficult, yet it is perhaps the most important part of a good sales. Make sure to look at your potential client directly (look at the camera, rather than them on your screen), which is the equivalent of eye-contact through these virtual sales meetings, and to speak clearly. Do not turn your presentation into a monologue, but rather include them, but making references to instances that will be relatable to them, so that they feel valued and understood.

3. Research: Try to gather as much information about your potential client as possible before your virtual sales meeting, as this will help you deliver your presentation in the best way for them.

4. Be simple: This is extremely important as the sales meeting will be virtual. You will not only have to gain their attention but also maintain it for the duration of your meeting, and this is much harder through virtual meetings. Minimise any distractions on your side (wear pastel solid colours, remove pictures or furniture behind you).

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