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With the rise of virtual sales, especially due to the recent circumstances that the world has been thrown into, in-person sales are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Whilst many prefer the traditional ‘in-person’ sales, virtual sales also has its many advantages that should not be ignored. We have complied a list of the pros and cons of both virtual sales and ‘in-person’ sales.

Building relationships: Admittedly the ‘in-person’ sales tend to build a better relationship with the client quicker, by the simple advantages of human contact. With the presence of another human being, the product is more trust-worthy to purchase. The seller can observe and mirror the body language of the potential client, or use their own body language to engage the client in a warmer manner. This initial relationship provides a stable foundation for the likelihood of the sales being successful.
Time-Efficient: Virtual sales. With the help of technology, you will be able to cover a larger number of clients in a single day, than you would with the ‘in-person’ sales, which helps to garner more purchases in the end. Also, working from a remote location, could even be from home, allows you to avoid the time that would otherwise be spent travelling to the location of your potential client.
Wider Reach: The ability to reach a larger demographic, on a larger even global-scale, is possible only through virtual sales. You will be able to broadcast and simultaneously attend to several clients at once (if you wish to do so), or clients from all over the globe which will be spread quickly by word of mouth as well. In-person sales can only proceed with clients who live within a certain area limit.
Quality over Quantity: In-person sales tend to be more thorough and often result in the client gaining more information about the product before they decide to purchase it. In several occasions, a demo of the actual product can be produced, thus allowing the client to physically interact with it. Also the conversation and observation of the client can help to adjust according to their needs and personal interest.

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