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Virtual meetings are becoming increasingly common in the modern day (especially with the recent pandemic that the world has been thrown into), and businesses are having to learn and adjust fast to keep up with this new method of conducting meetings. Although many businesses may prefer the traditional in-person meetings, the benefits that virtual meetings present cannot be ignored.
Not only does it help lessen the negative impact on the environment, help increase efficiency and productivity in meetings, help reduce both cost and time-consumed planning and attending meetings, but also helps you to connect with both clients and colleagues on a global level.

1. Always plan ahead: When it comes to virtual meetings, it is often best to plan ahead. Carefully decide what topics and information should be shared and discussed on this online forum, before proceeding. It would also help greatly if you organised the files or presentation that you wish to present beforehand as well, to help use your time more efficiently. It may even be beneficial to send ahead paperwork, which can later be discussed during the meeting, to help everyone remain in sync.
Also, advisable, would be to choose a well-reputed platform to conduct your business meetings such as Skype and WebEx. Zoom is another great option; however, the time-limits must be taken into consideration as well.

2. Encourage Participation: Participation from your team members is vital on these virtual meetings. The constant processing of new information, through a screen, may be hard for many to adapt to quickly, and may even feel cold and distant to some, unless there is adept time provided to discuss and pitch ideas. It is also important to ensure a limited amount of small-talk before the meeting, with team members on these virtual meetings, to help them connect better with your business, thus ensuring them more perceptive to your ideas.

3. Video On: We understand that it may be uncomfortable initially to have the video remain on throughout the duration of the meeting, but due enforce this rule. As per human tendency, certain members may wish to simply listen to the meeting, whilst working on another project, thus lowering their attention to the meeting. Virtual meetings should be treated like regular meetings, and this requires looking directly at them as much as possible, to help them feel more involved.

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